When I first became a registered Marriage Celebrant, over 22 years ago, I knew little about the format of a wedding ceremony. I had attended many weddings as a boy soprano in the church choir,  later as a guest at many more and of course as a participant in my own wedding. I guess those experiences gave me knowledge of how a wedding ceremony was conducted but talking to a bride and groom and giving them advice about their own ceremony was not something that I had contemplated.

From the beginning of my time as a Marriage Celebrant I have always maintained a high level of professionalism, knowing the importance of the marriage ceremony to each couple. I believe that personalisation and individuality are key to the success of a meaningful event which should hold a unique place in the united life of the two people involved.

It’s essential that you feel comfortable with the person in whom you are placing your trust to provide a ceremony that you can enjoy and look back on with pleasure and joy. To that end I like to have an initial meeting so you can be sure that your choice is right for you. I will provide material to assist you to put together a unique ceremony. Your input is important but if it all gets too much I am equally happy to put together a ceremony for you. I can also provide advice on wedding planning and introductions to other suppliers such as photographers, caterers and venue providers.

Ready to talk about your event?